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Top Ten Love Songs about Fighting your Feelings

You have to fight all sorts of obstacles when you’re in a relationship. Most of them are external, but some are internal. We don’t always pick and choose who or when we fall in love, which can lead to some inner turmoil. That’s what these ten songs talk about: fighting your feelings. Widgets “Accidentally […]

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Top Ten Love Songs about Overcoming Obstacles to Reunite

Ernest Hemingway once said “Life breaks us. And when we heal, we’re stronger in the broken parts.” The path way of love can be like that. It is not always easy or smooth, and at times it may come between you and someone you love. But if you can endure the rough patches, the relationship […]

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Top Ten Love Songs about Holding on to Each Other

An old Jewish proverb says “I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” What could be broader than when a burden is shared between two people? These ten songs are about how two people can support each other through hard times by sticking together. Specifically about holding on and supporting each other […]

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Top Ten Love Songs about Overcoming Your Past to be Together

Love is a journey and what happens before our journey connects us to that special someone can be some of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome. Our past can give us issues with trust–both of what we feel inside and what the other person feels for us. But you can move beyond these mental […]

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Top Ten Love Songs about Fighting for Someone You Love

We all, or I guess women, dream of being rescued by a knight in shining armor, which is probably why this list is dominated by male singers. It also seems to be dominated by songs featured in action movies, but that doesn’t make them bad. Widgets “All For Love” by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart […]

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Top Ten Love Songs about Fighting Against the World

When you fall in love, you want to shout it to the world. But what do you do when the world shouts back? When your friends and family are against your relationship with the person you love? While sometimes it is good to listen to their concerns. But if their grounds are unfounded, then you […]

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Top Ten Songs about Growing Old Together – Sticking Together

Whether you are looking for a song to play at your wedding or your 50th anniversary dinner, these ten songs are all about sticking together as you grow older. The songs all talk about how age might not make us prettier, it does make us more attractive to the people who truly love us. […]

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